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Statement of Intent - Art

At Hawkchurch Primary, we nurture creativity, encourage exploration of various artistic techniques, foster expression and celebrate individuality'. Through our art curriculum, we aim to ignite curiosity and develop skills that empower each child's unique artistic voice.

'Every human is an artist'

Don Miguel Ruiz

Spirals KS1

"Art at Hawkchurch is a vibrant canvas where pupils explore diverse mediums, techniques and styles.  We nurture visual literacy, encouraging pupils to observe, interpret and communicate through art.  We use the outdoors to enhance our art curriculum and celebrate nature.  Our teaching emphasises process over product, allowing experimentation and risk-taking.  Pupils engage in drawing, painting, sculpture, digital art and more.  Our aim is to create a colourful tapestry of imagination, where pupils express their ideas, emotions and perspectives."

We are developing our artist skills

Sculpture KS2 Art

Lowry Houses KS1