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Statement of Intent - Geography

Geography at Hawkchurch Primary is designed to spark curiosity, foster understanding and celebrate the wonders of the world.

'You can travel the seas, poles and deserts and see nothing.  To really understand the world you need to get under the skin of people and places.'

Michael Palin

'In Geography, we ignite curiosity about the world and its diverse landscapes.  Our curriculum aims to: develop locational knowledge, where children will explore globally significant places, both terrestrial and marine and understand their defining physical and human characteristics.  They will foster their understanding as they delve into geographical contexts, enabling children to comprehend the actions of natural processes and human interactions.  We promote environmental awareness as our learners engage with sustainability, climate change and the impact of human activities on our planet and we build geographical skills through fieldwork, mapping, data analysis and the use of our outdoor environment.'

We are developing our geographical skills

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