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Opening Times

The School Day

EYFS, Reception & Year 1 & 2 -Arrive and enter through the main entrance

Class 2- Arrive  and enter though the disabled access entrance


08.40 - 8.45 Gates open



08.50- Registration


  • Please be reminded if your child arrives after 08.50am to bring them to the main office so they can be signed into school and taken to class. This will minimise the disruption to the other pupils in the school who have already started lessons.

10.15- Break Time



 Daily Physical Activity (DPA) - This takes place at an appropriate time during the school morning. Class 1 & 2 may sometimes undertake DPA at different times

Collective Worship - Daily 



12.15 -12.40 Lunch Time & Playtime 12.40-13.15


  • Children are registered for afternoon sessions at 1.15 p.m. Any child arriving into school after 1-20 p.m. will be recorded as having an unauthorised absence, unless a reason is received from parents/guardians when an authorised absence will be given.


15.00 - End of School Day for Nursery Pupils 

15.15 - End of School Day


This means the school is open for 32.5 hours in a typical week.


15.15 - 16.15 Various School Clubs 


Collective Worship


 (Mon - Fri) Collective Worship is daily timings are subject to timetable variation


Open the Book


Thursdays 9.05am during normal school conditions