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Parents / Carers are requested to telephone the office on 01297 678331 and leave a message before 8.30am

If your child is going to be absent/late or please use the MYED App or email the admin email before 8.30am. The reason for absence must be in full i.e. sickness on Sunday, temperature, severe cold etc. Please do not leave vague messages i.e. unwell, ill or under the weather as the school office will have to call you back for more information.


Where a child is absent from school and we have not received any verbal or written communication from the parent, then we initiate a first day contact process. The school administrator will check class registers between 9.00am and 9.15am on a daily basis, to identify those pupils who are absent. If no message is left with the school office we will telephone in turn each of the contacts on the list provided by the parents, until a contact has been reached to advise why the child is not at school. This is the school’s duty of care and safeguarding for your child.


The class register opens at 08.50am and closes at 09.15am. If you child arrives after the register has started at 08.50am but before it has closed at 09.00am they will be coded as late (L). If they arrive after 09.15am they will be coded as arriving after the register has closed (U) which is an unauthorised absence.


The school attendance policy (available to view in Key Information) states that the attendance of children who arrive late will be registered as follows:


*A child arriving after the register has started but before the register has closed will be coded as “late” (code L).


*A child arriving after the register has closed will be coded as “Late after registration closed” (code U). This is counted as an “Unauthorised Absence” (see appendix for use of other codes).


*The times from which children will be marked as “late” or “late after registration closed” will be clearly communicated to parents.


We have a 48 hour rule for any sickness/diarrhoea to try to prevent any outbreaks. Please ensure that if your child has suffered with either of these, they remain absent from school for a clear 48 hour period from the last attack


First Federation Attendance Policy

Pupil Attendance Policy Appendix 1 Practical Info for Parents