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Our Christian Values

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Our Vision:
'Renewing Hope - Pray, Serve, Grow'

Since his arrival as Bishop of Salisbury in 2011, Bishop Nicholas has engaged the Diocese in a careful and prayerful process of exploration and discernment. Through the 'Let us talk' process and Deanery Visits, he invited us to explore who we are as a Diocese, where we are going and how God wants us to move forward, leading to the recent formation of a new diocesan vision,

Renewing Hope: Pray, Serve, Grow.

Church of England schools are inclusive and look to equally serve those who are of the Christian faith, those of other faiths and those with no faith

Church of England schools are inclusive and look to equally serve those who are of the Christian faith, those of other faiths and those with The ethos at Hawkchurch Church of England Academy is to provide a stimulating Christian environment that creates an enjoyable atmosphere of positive endeavour for all. We believe it is the right of all children to be given access to the whole curriculum, which enables them to have high expectations and achieve high standards.

Children’s development and progress is best achieved through high expectations and the fostering of independent learning. It is the responsibility of the individual students to behave in a co-operative manner, which enables quality learning to take place. We also believe in facilitating the development of the children’s diverse potential enabling them to take their place in society.

First Federation Trust Vision- Church School Distinctiveness

This vision embraces the spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional, moral and social development of all children. Everyone works to enable outstanding learning and teaching- putting children at the centre of all that they do. It is intended to be used by all schools within the Federation, regardless of setting, beliefs or traditions.

For church schools our vision for children is:



St. Paul writes in Philippians 4.8: 'Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely,

whatever is admirable -if anything is excellent or praiseworthy -think about such things'.


'The righteous will flourish like a (palm) tree' Psalm 92.12.


With God's help we can achieve great things:

St. Paul: 'I can
do all things through him who gives me strength' Philippians 4.13.


"Life in all its fullness"

Central to this document is the aspiration that every child, parent and community member sees their school as excellent. 

It is recognised that continual development and improvement are essential ingredients in this process, as indeed they are essential to meeting Federation expectations that schools will also be judged 'Outstanding' by OFSTED and SIAMS.

Each school will absolutely retain its ethos, commitments, beliefs and value-laden practices.

  •  Every school in our trust will foster confidence throughout the width and breadth of the curriculum and will delight in seeking truth, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to enable them to achieve.
  •  Every child will be inspired to nurture their academic skills, their emotional intelligence and their creativity across the full gambit of subjects, including (but not limited to) music, drama, sport and the arts.
  • Every member of the Federation Community (whether adult or child) will be encouraged to continue to learn the attributes needed in order to aspire to be a good person, citizen, parent, employee, team or group member. Distributed leadership occurs at every level in an environment which is both supportive and challenging.
  • Every school will positively promote opportunities to widen horizons of generosity, compassion, aspiration and hope and will actively afford learners the opportunities to fulfil them. The values of forgiveness, perseverance, truth and reconciliation are encouraged when more challenging events occur.
  •  Every child will be taught in a hospitable school community, where learners flourish within an ethos of collective harmony: embedded within this is the notion that learners will choose to immerse themselves fully within the wider community.
  • Every School will recognise the importance of human dignity across the learning journey and its central relevance to excellent education. Schools will ensure that children are kept safe from harm and are valued as unique individuals. Dignity in education means due consideration to other policies such as (vigilant) safeguarding, behaviour (with anti-bullying) and SEND.
  • Every School will embrace excellence and academic rigour and provide constant opportunities for learners to flourish. They will provide learners with a deep and well- rounded appreciation of Christianity; carrying forward these values as they grow and develop in the wider world and along their own spiritual journey.
  • Courageous advocacy will be promoted in our schools enabling children to make a difference to the World that they live in, allowing others to flourish as well as themselves.