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The school is part of the First Federation Trust, a multi-academy trust. Its governing body is the Board of Directors of the First Federation Trust.

More information about the governance of the school can be found on the First Federation website, using the links below

Members of the First Federation Trust
For information about the members’ role, who they are and their register of business and pecuniary interests.

Governing Board
For information about the directors’ role, the composition of the board, the role of committees and advisory boards & groups, and the scheme of delegation.

Hub advisory boards
For information about the composition of the governance hub advisory boards and who the members of the advisory boards are.

Parent representatives
For information about the role of parent representatives and who they are.

Key information
For formal documents about the First Federation Trust: memorandum and articles of association, funding agreements, annual reports and financial statements

For minutes of governance meetings.

Register of business and pecuniary interests
Directors are asked to fill in a register of business interests form when they are appointed, which is then updated annually. Directors are invited to declare any relevant interest at the start of each meeting so any conflict of interest can be managed appropriately.
Directors and senior staff are asked to fill in a ‘related parties’ form to declare any connection with any business who has provided services for the Trust annually as part of the audit process to support the annual report / financial statements.
A summary of the directors’ relevant business interests is in the link. The full register can be viewed at the First Federation office.

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