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Our Attendance

Our School joined the First Federation Trust on 1st June. We will be adopting the First Federation policies over the next few months. 

Please click on the link to view the attendance policy.


Children must attend school at all times unless they are ill.  Parents are requested to contact the school office on 01297 678331 by 9:15 am if their child is absent for whatever reason.  In addition to a phone call, the school also requires a note immediately following an absence, explaining the circumstances.  This is for absence auditing purposes.

From the 1st September 2013, all schools are unable to authorise any requests for absence relating to holidays in term time.  This has been brought about by an amendment to the Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 2006 which has removed reference to holidays and the ten day period.

These changes reinforce the government’s view that every minute of every school day is vital and that pupils should only be granted autorised absence by the school, in exceptional circumstances e.g. illness, exclusions, or due to other unavoidable causes.  This view has recently been reinforced by Ofsted who in a recently published report on a Devon school reported, “Pupils clearly enjoy being at school.  However, overall attendance is no better than average and this is in part due to some pupils being taken out of school for holidays during term time by their parents, in spite of the fact that the school has a clear and published policy that makes it clear that such absence is unauthorised.  This absence has an impact on pupil’s achievement.  As a result, the overall judgement for behaviour and safety is good rather than outstanding”.

Unauthorised absences may well result in the instigation of parental responsibility measures which could be a penalty notice, or a fine of up to £2,500 and/or a term of imprisonment of up to 3 months.


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